Microsoft Office Geographical Point Preview gain from glitzy inks and cooperative chats

You all will be amazed to know that Microsoft Office new preview version has been rolled out with a number of features including integrated chats for the collaborators. This latest preview version is exclusively for Office insiders using Windows PCs. With this, you will get an in-line chat functionality that allows you to communicate with the co-authors in different Office applications like Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

In other words, the new version will facilitate real-time discussions with collaborators. In addition, Microsoft has also embedded inks to incorporate the likes of lava, galaxy gold, silver and rainbow effects with glittery or sparkly touch mainly in these three applications of Office.


Additionally, Excel has also been improved to open complex workbooks and spreadsheets quickly. Apart from this, Microsoft has also added exciting features to make other operations smooth and efficient. For example, the new menu is there to give you quick access to all the attachments you have recently downloaded and opened. This will save your time in finding the file from the download folder in your PC.

Another fabulous feature in Outlook gives you access to add an appointment to a group calendar. Additionally, the profile cards now show the most relevant information about your contacts. Other changes include the following:

  • Easy access of reading and editing texts, tables, images, lists while using a screen reader
  • Managing a task in planner has become quite easier
  • Smart quotes are now even more smarter
  • You can link or import data from Salesforce
  • Easy linking and importing of data from Dynamics 365
  • Create and edit the diagrams in Vision online

This preview version will be live for use shortly. Update your old version to this one and have great access to your favorite applications. For any Office Setup related issues Visit

Alice Smith is a passionate writer who loves to write about the most latest technological changes and errors associated with them. She also interested in writings blogs on web browsers, antiviruses, Microsoft Office Setup, gadgets and other related stuff.

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